FSLiving 充電式LED電球 リモコン付き 5W 調光調色 40W白熱電球形相当 広配光タイプ 省エネ バッテリー内蔵 非常灯 非常用電球 非常用ライト キャンプライト キャンプ照明 懐中電灯 防災 停電 キャンプ用品 LED電球 応急ライト E26



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[Rechargeable] Comes with a charging cord. The bulb can be used anywhere. Great for camping, disaster prevention, power outages, etc.

[Bulb specifications] Base: E26. Illumination when fully charged: Equivalent to a 40W bulb.

Even in places without electricity, you can use it by fully charging it and plugging it into a socket. If you prefer, you can remove it from the socket and light it up directly with your hand, making it convenient as a flashlight or lantern.

[Convenient remote control operation] The light color and brightness can be adjusted precisely, which is very convenient. You can easily turn the light on/off, adjust the brightness and color, etc. from a distance using the remote control.

[A popular item recommended for disaster prevention] The battery-built-in LED bulb has overcharge protection, so it will stop charging when it is fully charged, so there is no risk of overcharging.

It can be installed in rooms, entrances, hallways, toilets, kitchens, basements, etc., and can be used in a wide range of emergencies such as earthquakes, typhoons, and power outages.

"Package Contents":

1 x LED bulb, 1 x charging cord, 1 x remote control

Product Specifications:

★Main uses of the lamp:

1. When you want to add lighting to an area indoors where there is no power source.

2. Provides additional lighting when camping or picnicking outdoors.

★I want to add lighting to a dark area, but there is no electrical wiring, what should I do?
This lighting fixture solves these problems.

At first glance, it looks like just another type of LED lighting that has been gaining attention in recent years, but what makes it fundamentally different is that the bulb it comes with has a built-in "battery." It can be lit anywhere, even during a power outage.

Non-wire pendant light - Built-in lithium battery power supply, no need to install wires. Charging cable included.

Wireless Remote Control and Battery Operated - Battery powered light. Dimmable brightness 10%-100%, light color: daylight/natural light/bulb/RGB etc.

-Timer function: Comes with a timer function, and can be set to light for 2H/4H/6H/8H and turn off at a fixed time.

Soft Light - Creates an ambient and warm glow in your home, perfect as a decorative accent or reading light. Ideal for bars, kitchens, lofts, dining rooms, studies, bedrooms, etc.

It creates a retro atmosphere as a decoration for the room, but it is very convenient because it does not require wiring and can be carried anywhere. It is perfect for night camping or BBQ. It is recommended to choose a small light that is not too bright to create a relaxing space.


Product Specifications:

・Non-wire lighting equipment (rechargeable wall-mounted lighting)

- Comes with a 5W (equivalent to 40W) battery-powered LED bulb (dimmable and color-adjustable type)

- Comes with a remote control, daylight/natural light/warm white/RGB color adjustable, brightness can also be adjusted

No electricity or wiring required

- Continuous lighting time: Can be lit for up to 48 hours at maximum brightness.









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