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FSLiving 7W Remote Control Dimmable Spotlight Outlet Type Indoor Wall Ceiling Exhibition Photography Stage Light Floor Stand Lighting

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  • [Built-in dimming & toning LED & convenient remote control] The light emission color and brightness can be finely adjusted, which is very convenient. It is possible to easily operate ON/OFF, dimming/toning, etc. with a remote control even from a distance.
  • You can easily switch the color temperature from 6500K to 3000K and the brightness from 5% darker to 100% brighter.
  • ・With remote control ・Outlet type, cord length 1.8m ・With foot switch [Easy to install] Completely plug and play.
  • Angle adjustable.The lighting angle can be rotated. You can easily change the image of the room by fine-tuning the way the light is illuminated.
  • Not only can it be attached to the wall to illuminate a spot on a picture or table, but it is also recommended to use it as a backlight at your feet, around the kitchen, or behind the TV.

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