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FSLiving Ceiling Light Entrance Lighting Stained Glass Toilet Lighting Small Ceiling Light E26

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  • Mounting hook sealing type式
  • Base E26 (bulb sold separately))
  • A single light ceiling with a cute round shape and colorful glass is a feature.す。
  • The glass is embedded one by one by hand, and the soft and warm light that is unique to handmade makes you feel at ease.す。
  • The design is small but firmly asserts itself, making it a tasteful addition to small spaces such as entrances, corridors, washrooms, and toilets.してくれます
  • Enjoy the various expressions of the glass that change when the light is on and when it is off, or during the day and at night.スメです
  • ※Please note that the product is produced by hand, so there may be individual differences in the way the pattern comes out, and the design may differ from the photo.下さい。



Stained Glass Tiffany Glass Church Ceiling Light Entrance Light Lighting Equipment Toilet Light Toilet Light Entrance Lighting Electric Cute Spotlight Pendant Light New Life LED Compatible Bulb Sold Separately E26


Do you pay attention to lighting when coordinating your room?か?

If you are distracted by the sofa and table chairs and the lighting is installed, it cannot be said that the ideal room is complete.ません。

It is the lighting that illuminates the room at night and is at the center of the living space.す。

This lighting gives a completely different impression when the light is turned on and when it is turned off.明。

Both figures are beautiful and you can enjoy the change.す。

You can enjoy the warm light of direct lighting and the soft light of indirect lighting.Each glass shade is carefully shaped by craftsmen.ます。

This light does not come with a light bulb, but it is compatible with 100W incandescent bulbs or equivalent LED bulbs.す。

E26 on the market is compatible. Note: Bulb is sold separately.りです。

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  • What is FSLiving

    FSLiving is a lighting manufacturer's own brand that has been in business for over 10 years.ド。

    A professional lighting fixture design and manufacturing company committed to providing Japanese consumers with high quality products and services.す。

    It is well received not only by individual customers but also by interior professionals.す。

  • customization

    In addition to online sales, we also accept customized orders and wholesale services for products.す。
    Specifications such as cord color and length can be customized before shipping.です。

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