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FSLiving USB Fan Motion Sensor Desktop Fan Natural Wind Desktop & Clip Type Brushless Motor Quiet Sensitive

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  • USB powered-- cute macaron white mini fan. Comes with a 90cm power supply USB cord, easy to install by simply inserting it into the USB port of a mobile battery, computer, etc.! Please note that the output voltage and current of the equipment to which the fan is connected should be above 5V 2A. Otherwise, the fan may not work or work intermittently.
  • Oscillation-- The neck of this desk fan can be adjusted 360 degrees up, down, left and right (Note:It is not an automatic oscillating type, it is a manual 360 degree adjustment type). Also clip type. It's easy to put on the table or hang on the wall!! There is an ON/OFF switch on the back, providing a comfortable and cool space for one person. There is a switch that can adjust the air volume mode, and you can freely switch between two air volume modes.
  • Quiet -- This USB fan uses a brushless motor that produces a maximum noise of only 26db, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment than ordinary motors. The 7 blades made of PP ensure a strong airflow, while the quiet design eliminates the need to worry about the rotation noise. There is a light breeze blowing from the front when you sleep, but no noise.
  • Motion sensor-- You will never forget to turn it off, which helps save electricity. This portable fan has a sensor switch, so you don't need a separate switch. No troublesome electrical work required. Just turn on the power to make it a comfortable sensor light fan. I think that it is also good for crime prevention. I had a problem with cat droppings in my garden, but I used this sensor fan to take measures without hurting the cats. Normal delay time:about 20s (adjustable), sensor distance:about 3-6m.
  • Customized Offer-- The perfect size of 5.9 inches (15 cm) saves space and guarantees airflow, making it great for offices, toilets, washrooms, kitchens, and more. It is a batteryless type, and the power supply uses a USB cable that comes directly from the main unit. Reduces battery aging. You can also customize the length of the USB power cable to a longer size.

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